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Leadership Programs for Corporate Finance Professionals and Teams

Brett Bourgon Charlie Pellerin

Finance Leadership


Transforming Leadership in Finance using the 4-D NASA Leadership model developed by Dr. Charlie Pellerin


B Inspired

We've combined our extensive corporate finance experience with the NASA 4D Leadership model to become one of the only Leadership Coaching organizations globally qualified to help elevate the value of our challenging finance profession.

Benchmarking your team in all aspects of Finance Business PArtnering

The NASA leadership model customized for finance provides a leadership development blueprint for corporate finance leaders and teams. Finance Leadership transformation is all about elevating your team to becoming highly valued strategic business partners.  We also use benchmarking tools that will measure your team's systems, tools and processes to determine business partnering readiness, skillsets and capabilities.  

Brett Bourgon

by finance, for Finance

Brett Bourgon

Founder, President

B Inspired

"I founded B Inspired to help finance leaders and teams navigate the challenging corporate finance profession.  There are many leadership coaching options you can choose from, only a select few have programs designed for corporate finance. 


Finance is a challenging profession to master for many reasons that can only really be understood by living it.    Combining a practical finance development approach with the 4D NASA leadership model provides finance organizations with a blueprint that works. 


Our benchmarking tools are an important differentiator for our clients to measure where they are at so we can clearly show them how to get to where they want to be."

Brett Bourgon NASA jacket


We don't publish logos on our website but will be happy to share stories from our many happy clients.  We've had the pleasure of working with global IT organizations, privately held mid sized Canadian corporations, and also not for profit organizations.  Our coaching and training is specificially designed for corporate finance organizations and therefore is designed to help any industry.


“My coaching experience with B Inspired has been eye opening.  I've become more mindful of my impact on others and have discovered new approaches to taking advantage of my authentic self in a positive manner."

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