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Use the NASA Leadership Model to elevate the value of your finance organization
Leadership Coaching and Consulting for Finance
We've combined our extensive corporate finance experience with the NASA 4D Leadership model to become one of the only Leadership Coaching organizations globally qualified to help elevate the value of our challenging finance profession.
The NASA leadership model customized for finance provides a leadership development blueprint for corporate finance leaders and teams. You can benchmark your team using the same tools used at NASA for over 2000 teams.  
In Finance we understand the power of measurement
Benchmark your team using the NASA 4D Team Development Assessment

Brett Bourgon, President B Inspired

"We created B Inspired to fill a gap in the market.  HR can't help finance organizations reach their full potential because they've never spent a day in this challenging profession.  In order to help finance teams excel I believe you need to layer a simple yet powerful leadership system on top of a practical consulting approach."
  • TAKE 4D INDIVIDUAL ASSESSMENT: Improve your EQ instantly through this self awareness exercise.  You will learn how you innately prefer to operate which is the first step to understanding your personal growth plan.
  • BENCHMARK YOUR TEAM USING NASA LEADERSHIP MODEL:  I will help you run a full team development assessment to see where your team is currently operating so we can formulate a plan for growth.
  • BOOK A CALL WITH BRETT:  We take on a limited amount of clients every year, let's discuss if you'll be one of them.  To qualify you'll need to want to create a best in class finance team and be open to accountability every level of the organization.
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